Half Moon Band came to life in Johnny Stephan's parent's garage in 2001. Johnny had a drum kit set up there, and when schoolmates Tom Gunn and Joey Lee brought by their guitars, a band was born.  When Gio Tantalo joined on bass a year later, the Half Moon Band was ready to play. 

Ever since then, we've been playing to packed houses at local venues, working on original material, and waiting for the big break that will let us quite our day jobs. Although, technically, Gio's job as a bartender is actually a night job.

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Band Spotlight: Sammy Davis
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Tom Baer is the band’s drummer/sound engineer/producer/strategic planner. He has played drums for bands such as ‘Sunnuva” and ‘The Decades’, and was the sound engineer for ‘Flyweil’, ‘The Pulse’, and ‘Zummo’. He produced ‘The Pulse’s first album, as well as the first ‘Hathaways’ CD. He is also one of the principal vocalists in the band. 

The ‘other’ Tom (Dempsey) plays bass, sings, and is one of the band’s contributing songwriters. He was a founding member of ‘The Hathaways’ and ‘Seventh Street’ and a band-mate                            of Tom Baer’s in ‘Sunnuva’.

 Barry Drake is the band’s versatile guitarist/vocalist/resident wild-man. If an Eric Clapton tune or Stevie Ray Vaughn number is requested, he is the obvious man for the job. Plus, he can sing like Paul McCartney and dance like Harry James.

Sammy Davis is the newest member of the Hathaways, although he played with Barry Drake twenty years ago in the ‘Goin’ Home’ band, touring Michigan and most of Ohio. Sammy has had a parallel career in music with the Hathaways, playing in competing rock outfits for a long time. He has finally come to roost with the Hathaways, and we couldn’t be happier. He can duplicate the feel of a variety of musical styles with his array of keyboards, from honky tonk piano to Keith Emerson’s Hammond organ to a full orchestra. 

Last, but not least, is Randy Eldred, our sound engineer. Randy makes sure the sound of the band is pro quality.  A musician in his own right, he knows what it takes to bring all of the instrumental elements together to achieve a cohesive sound.  His production company goes by the name of 'Cody Music', and is a huge contributor to our success. 

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